fools give reasons

majik carpet flights of fantasy,
strange new worlds discovered.
glittering pleasure domes explored.
exquisite pleasures shared.

language failed – but then was not needed.
two images – one reflection.
a mirror of souls majikly merged,
flowing together as easily as two rivers.

an unknown spiritual void inside of me
at once uncovered, and then filled.
previously unfathomed depths of emotion
found aroused, and majikly placated.

could this be a dream?
or a dream within a dream?
moon and star dust spun in gold?
a hidden valley painted by lilies?

like a beautiful mountain hike,
each peak more beauteous than the last.
wanting to return on a homeward path,
but finding yet another beckoning valley.

like a clear mountain echo.
your name reverberates within me.
and to only whisper your name
thrills my soul completely.

my heart carries every word you’ve written.
carries your ever imagined smile and laugh.
carries your every imagined inflection.
and your every expression of love.

standing in the slanted sunlight of late afternoon,
i ponder why this encounter with you
came so late into my life.
the timing seems somehow cruel.

when slates have already been scribed,
and lines furrowed deep.
i find a peace in sleep,
for with sleep comes such sweet dreams.

the dreams take me to another world,
beyond the forbidden and impossible.
to a realm where facades are dropped,
and a different reality emerges.

that you came into my life is miraculous,
a blessing that I will always treasure.
i am so much the better for our meeting,
and I love you for what you have bestowed on me.

can I explain this feeling? Can I tell you why?
no – logic is defied.
but it is known that fools give reasons,
wise men never try.

copyrighted – tokyo, japan - 1997