the quest

my vessel cuts through waters deep,
slashing like a knife against the sea.
propelled by forces almost unknown
to a destination willed to be.

high above the southern cross does guide
and keep my course set true,
by day the clouds drift in stark relief
in a sky so deep and blue.

for far too long i've sailed the wind
without the sight of land,
i long for food and water sweet,
and the touch of a human hand.

sailing alone with only the elements as friends
tests the mettle of even the brave,
but sometimes choices are not ours to make
and bravery deserves no words of praise.

just when hope has almost gone,
a bird flies by on wing,
and traces of land start to appear,
my heart begins to sing.

then on the horizon still afar
there is a beautiful sight,
as my ship glides ever closer,
land shines in sun's last light.

at long last feet touch shore,
i kneel to kiss the sand,
my fascination with the ocean
is replaced by a love of land.

peaceful sleep comes on a sun-warmed beach
under a night sky filled with stars,
caressed by a flower-laden breeze
so far from strife-torn wars.

morning brings a view of this paradise,
sitting in the shade of a swaying palm,
watching crystal clear water kiss golden shores
translucent, green and calm.

mist descends from distant mountain peaks
and moistens valleys green,
the ocean breeze joins with the mist
to sweep the island clean.

one would like to stay in a place like this
and never venture away,
but life goes on and urgent things
cut short the means to stay.

the moon again rises over waters dark
and fulfills its heavenly role,
a face appears framed in its soft light
and touches my lonely soul.

i realize my place is by her side,
and that all of this adventure and thrill,
only serves to mask what really counts,
a love that's deep and real.

as if in a dream i fly to her
over deep seas to a distant land,
i find her waiting patiently,
she extends to me her hand.

together we find love so sweet
that the coldest winter's gale,
would warm like the tropical breeze
that sets my ship a sail.

in my rush to go to her arms,
i realize with a start,
that i have never seen her face
nor ever touched her heart.

for she is an illusion in my mind,
and image of what could be,
she is my hope, she is my dream,
her love could set me free.

where is she? this love of my life.
this song without a sound,
my quest for her will continue
until i know she's found.

so my vessel cuts through waters deep
slashing like a knife against the sea,
propelled by forces almost unknown
to a destination willed to be.

but i know now that the moonlit face
that I’ve searched for without rest,
will soon be seen, and even if not possessed,
will end my world-wide life-long quest.

copyright © thanksgiving day - 1997
propelled by forces almost unknown.