scattered dogwood blossoms

spring arrived gently this year...
like a new lover's touch.
so patient, so tender.

love too has come like the spring,
with an unfulfilled yearning,
as insistent as nocturnal tides.

a telephone breaks the vernal night's silence...
a single star scatters the darkness.
lambent laughter of a new love.

brilliant, blinding beauteous love...
it seduces a heart, enchants it,
and then when most needed...vanishes.

where is my ephemeral lover...
lighting someone else's life?
hot painful tears flow like rivers.

perhaps she is penning a new poem...
birthed by one word or one emotion.
is it written for me?

oxymora - seducing, pausing...
almost caught but escaping.
elusive, titillating, new love.

like scattered spring blossoms...
hope is lost, and then a single word rekindles desire
for one fleeting instant.

but the scattered spring blossoms lie trampled...
beneath so many passing feet.
cycles of rebirth, hope, and then destruction.

spring's beauty passes too quickly again this year...
affirming that all things are temporal and bounded
except for my eternal love.

another dawn, another sunset...
but the dark cold void remains empty, unfulfilled.
my lonely heart yearns for your warmth.

the warmth of a bright, elusive, distant paradoxical light...
shining on scattered dogwood blossoms.

written with hope for a long and meaningful friendship,
from the depth of a sincere and loving heart.

Copyrighted - tokyo, japan - late april 1997