wild strawberries and virgin spring
a remembrance of things past

the marquee reads –
wild strawberries
and virgin spring.

movie names that kidnap my heart
back to times long since passed
where mountains of memories
rise beneath star-strewn skies.

soft wind-blown muted shadows
are hauntingly cast
so purple-dim as to be unseen
except in that narrow sliver of time
that shimmers into existence and hovers
quietly just before sleep descends.

shadows flood my mind
with powerful but fleeting images
about what almost was,
then they vanish like fireflies
so suddenly that the mind pretends
that dreams did not come
because they vanished
without even a lingering trace.

questions yet unasked
and therefore unanswered
are like songs not sung.
the only reality they leave is
a fading memory
of old movies
once seen
and almost forgotten.

The movie marquee reads - Wild Strawberries and Virgin Spring.

copyrighted – tokyo, japan - 1998